Vegetarian Bibimbap

Easiness: ****
Greenness: lacto-ovo (can be made vegan w/out egg)

Cook’s notes: This direction may SOUND complicated as it involves a lot of cooking items separately and a lot of ingredients. In reality, the more ingredients you have the better, but you can get by with just the big ones: rice, spinach, carrot, bean sprouts, and mushrooms. You should definitely make the effort to try and find the paprika paste as this is a great item to have in your kitchen and really makes or breaks this dish. As for cooking the items separately, you can do it all in one pan if you’ve got a big frying pan. Honestly the effort is worth it as this was one of my favorite dishes when I lived in S. Korea, and remains one of the best today!

1 cup cooked rice per bowl
2 handfuls bean sprouts
10 mushrooms (shitake or button)
1 cup cooked seaweed
1 carrot
1 bundle spinach
2 tbsp sesame oil
soy sauce to taste
paprika to taste
white or rice vinegar to taste
Korean Paprika Paste
kimchi (optional)
sesame seeds (optional)
1 egg (optional)
Cooked and marinated tofu (optional)

1. Cook and prepare the mushrooms in a tsp of sesame oil, tossed with sesame seeds and a few drops of soy sauce.
2. Meanwhile, slice the carrot into small slivers about 2″ long as seen in photo. Toss these with a little vinegar and store in fridge to keep cool.
3. Remove mushrooms from pan and set aside.
4. Cook the beansprouts in a little paprika and sesame oil to give them a little kick.
5. Separately, cook the spinach in a little sesame oil and sesame seeds.
6. Now comes the easy part! Spread some rice to fill 1/2 of the bowl. On top of the rice arrange small portions of the cooked and refrigerated ingredients as illustrated in the picture.
7. Fry an egg and throw it on top or use kimchi OR tofu. Mix with a little paprika paste if you managed to find it and mash until all the ingredients are combined together and you have a delightful selection of tastes! Eat with a spoon as trying to use chopsticks would be foolish.


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