Vegan Veggie Dips

When it comes to fresh, raw veggies, most people are accustomed to slicing them up and dunking them in a normally dairy-based dip like sour cream, ranch dressing, or cream cheese. But how can vegans do it? Well, if you are finding your veggies a little bland, but want to avoid the dairy, there are plenty of options! Below is a list of my favorite vegan veggie dips. Many of these work great as snacks or food on the go. Try dunking cooked tofu or meat alternative products (like Morningstar Farms fake chicken nuggets or fake buffalo wings) in these for a tasty meal! Many are also great with pita bread!

Vegan Veggie Dips
Baba Ghanoush
-Peanut Butter on celery
-Salsa [is actually a very tasty and zesty ranch dressing alternative!]
Black Bean Dip
Vegenaise (available at most grocery stores in the organic foods section)
-Oil & Vinegar
-Vegan pesto or pasta sauce
-Marinara sauce
Spicy Miso Dip
Cashew veggie dip
-Sesame Tahini
Magic Miso Dip (use sesame tahini to make this vegan)

Veggies For Dipping
-Carrots sliced and peeled
-Bell peppers sliced and seeded
-Broccoli Fleurettes
-Sugar snap peas
-Cucumber cut into slices
-Mushrooms cut into slices with stem removed
-Cherry tomatoes
-Tomatoes cut into chunks
-Cauliflower fleurettes
-Celery cut into sticks
-Blanched asparagus


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