Get To Know Your Vegetables: Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard

[picture of swiss chard]

What is Mangold? What is Spinach beet?
Swiss Chard is also known as: Red Chard, Silverbeet, Perpetual Spinach, Spinach Beet, Crab Beet, Seakale Beet and Mangold

What does swiss chard look like?
Swiss chard comes in a bundle of long stems and leaves. Each stem is either white or red stem (sometimes yellow) with a dark green, shiny, large, singular leaf on top. The veins of the same color as the stem continue throughout the leaf.

How does Swiss Chard Taste? Slightly salty to bitter

What recipes is swiss chard in? How can I cook swiss chard?
Here are some great recipes using swiss chard:
Simple Swiss Chard
Vegetarian Swiss Chard Bake
Vegetarian Swiss Chard Pie

How do I cook swiss chard on its own?
Swiss chard can be steamed or pan fried with oil (and garlic). You can eat just the leaf part or cook the stems as well (which are tougher). Because of its strong taste, it is not recommended to eat swiss chard raw, although you can use it as a substitute for spinach in salads, wraps, and other recipes.


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